1. Boris Karloff as the Creature in 1931 film Frankenstein, directed by James Whale and produced by Universal Pictures. NYPL, Billy Rose Theatre Division

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  2. drakontomalloi:

    Henri Fantin-Latour - Autumn. 1900

  3. drakontomalloi:

    Pieter Brueghel the Elder - Study for Dulle Griet. 1561

  4. Jean-Honoré Fragonard. “Nymph Supported by Two Satyrs”, from the series Bacchanales or Satyr’s Games; etchings, 1763. NYPL, Wallach Division, Print Collection.

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  5. Jean-Honoré Fragonard. “Satyr’s Dance”, from the series Bacchanales or Satyrs’ Games. Etching, 1763. NYPL: Wallach Division, Print Collection.

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  6. View of the stacks insaid the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. 1911 issue of the Scientific American. NYPL, picture Collection. Biblion: WORLD’S FAIR |

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  7. Marc Giai-Miniet. “Boîtes”. French artist.


  8. drakontomalloi:

    Egbert Lievensz. van der Poel (attribution) - Portal in a descending staircase tower with a man, presumably the situation just before the attack on Prince William I in the Prinsenhof in Delft. 1664

  9. "Ugetsu Monogatari", directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. 1953.

  10. les-sources-du-nil:

    Ma Liang, a.k.a. Maleonn

    Leaves of Grass, No.1, 2007-2008

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